Schizophrenia Patients Treatment App (SPT App)

About the Client

Our client, a world-renowned medical and life sciences university ranking among the nation’s top institutions, holds an esteemed position as a leading recipient of research funding from the National Institutes of Health. As digital transformation solution providers for the government, our collaboration with this prestigious university opens exciting opportunities to leverage their expertise and research capabilities, driving innovation in the public & Government sector.

Project Objective

The primary objective of the EPI-MINN project was to develop the SPT (Schizophrenia Patient Treatment) App, an intuitive iOS and Android mobile application aimed at inspiring and supporting young individuals living with schizophrenia, thereby improving their quality of life and that of their families. The app offered personalized treatment plans, engaging content, and a collaborative support network, cultivating a sense of community and emotional well-being. With a strong emphasis on data privacy and security, this ambitious initiative aimed to make a significant positive impact on schizophrenia management, while also setting new benchmarks in mental health technology and contributing to the DE stigmatization of mental health concerns.


App Maisters had proposed a comprehensive government-focused solution in the form of the PRIME App, intended for individuals recently diagnosed with psychotic spectrum disorders, prodromal psychosis, or those at Clinical High Risk for developing psychosis. The app facilitated peer interactions and engagement with motivational coaches through a virtual community, empowering participants to work towards self-identified goals. Researchers and coaches could set personalized daily challenges for patients, while streamlined connectivity and easy sharing of moments enhanced community bonding. The app’s goal and challenges tracking system provided patients with a sense of empowerment over their treatment journey while contributing to valuable data collection for research purposes. The endorsement of the PRIME App demonstrated the government’s commitment to supporting innovative mental health technologies addressing crucial public health challenges, fostering enhanced mental health outcomes, and improving citizens’ access to care.

Main Features of the App

  • Personalized Goal Setting: Researchers and coaches can set personalized goals and daily challenges for participants to enhance motivation and support their unique needs.
  • Virtual Community: The app provides a virtual community for peer interactions and engagement with motivational coaches, fostering communication and a sense of belonging.
  • Easy Sharing of Moments: Participants can easily share moments within the community, promoting understanding and empathy among users.
  • Goal & Challenges Tracking: The app includes a tracking system to monitor progress towards self-identified goals and challenges, empowering participants in their treatment journey.
  • Tailored Motivational Interventions: Motivational coaches offer tailored interventions to boost motivation and encourage positive behaviors.
  • Data Collection for Research: The app facilitates valuable data collection for research purposes, contributing to advancements in mental health understanding and treatments.
  • Privacy and Security: Strong measures ensure the privacy and security of user data, maintaining confidentiality and trust.


  • Java
  • Objective C
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • Amazon SNS
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • HTML/CSS/Angular.js
  • GoogleFit


  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: Increased motivation and adherence to treatment plans.
  • Improved Mental Health Outcomes: Positive impact on overall well-being.
  • Valuable Research Insights: Data-driven research for advancing understanding and treatment.

      Main Benefits:

  • Personalized and Accessible Treatment: Tailored support available on iOS and Android platforms.
  • Community Support and Empowerment: Sense of belonging and encouragement.
  • Enhanced Research Opportunities: Valuable resource for evidence-based studies.
  • Streamlined Mental Health Management: Goal tracking for improved self-management.
  • Government Endorsement: Aligns with the government’s vision for mental health.