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Both the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have benefitted from an influx of new mobile technology. For pharmaceutical and healthcare sales and marketing reps who spend a majority of their time in doctors’ offices and hospitals,  smart phones, ipad and tablets can easily connect them to their companies and colleagues. Plus, these smart devices allow reps to promote their products’ uses and benefits to customers in the field and they are becoming a norm in the industry.

App Objectives:

Scienomics Group, a leading multinational healthcare and pharmaceutical research company with offices in US, Europe and Asia,  was looking for a mobile App development company that allows them and their fortune 500 clients sales reps and staff to Create, maintain, and schedule programs for physicians, speakers and resources at various venues and effectively perform marketing and research on their products.

Scienomics group has came to us with specific requirements along with wireframes and gave us the following objectives for the app:

  • Develop a reliable, cost effective and time sensitive solution for them and their clients sales professional that can be used to market and research their client products and services.
  • Allow sales professionals to create, maintain and schedule programs for physicians, speakers and other healthcare professionals.
  • Allow for registration of attendees for different events.
  • Accept electronic signatures from attendees and upload in their Sql Server backend database in an predefined format for later use via their APIs.
  • Integrate with the Single Sign on service provider and enable different level of access to different users of the app based on the permission provided.
  • Integrate the app with the provided web services created through .net
  • Maintain transactions within the app if these smart devices go offline.
  • Finish the product within 5-6 week as they need to demo certain features of the App to one of their clients.
  • Develop an ipad application with high quality graphics and UX.


After analyzing the client requirements, Our team of project manager and Maisters sat down with Scienomics team to understand their APIs and back end architecture to develop a robust and viable solution that meets their need of a robust event and attendee registration and scheduling system for their sales rep using iPad.

Our team brainstormed with client and help them come up with a back end architecture that minimizes down time and the number of repeated calls to the database and at the same time meet the businesses and functional requirement of the app.

During the design phase, we identified several areas where we felt the wire frames didn’t have the desired user experience and helped them come up with the optimal design that is simple and easy to navigate.

Our back end developers worked with the scienomics team and help identified several Apis related issues and bugs that were present and also helped them reduce the numbers of call and made them more efficient and effective in fetching data. In addition, since our back end developers had years of experience developing solution on SQL Server, we also helped debug Sql Server issues which came up during the development.

During the App development phase, we developed a feasible e-signing solution for event attendees so that an attendee can sign on to the ipad during the registration sign up process. We also ensured that signatures are embedded such that it uses less IO resource on the IPad while maintaining an offline transaction database using SQLite that helped their sales rep to store information locally if their devices are offline. Finally, we enabled the app to use both form based login and also integrated with their single sign on provider to allow the app user to access different features based on the permission they had on the app. Throughout this process, we also discussed HIPPA Compliance and guidelines that enabled us to offer a solution that’s fully compliant with the client requirements and guidelines for HIPPA.

During the entire process, our project managers kept giving scienomic group constant update on their project status and in the end insured that thee product was delivered on time and within the approved budget.

Challenges Faced By Our Team

Our team of Project Managers and Maisters had to face the following challenges during the execution of the plan:

  • Design creative and user friendly App interface for the users that meet the client needs.
  • Help client identify and debug APIs for the project so that we can minimize the numbers of calls and come up with fast and effective solution.
  • Finding a feasible electronic signature solution that encrypts the signature and minimize the amount of information sent through apis
  • How to maintain and store offline transactions throughout the app where required and update the servers when the app comes online.
  • Considering HIPPA guidelines while developing the App.
  • Delivered the project on Strict timelines

The Outcome

Scienomics Group was greatly satisfied with the outcome and the App proved to be extremely useful for the sales representatives, staff and their partner firms.

The app provided their sales rep to set up, schedule and register events and attendees that reduces data inaccuracies and helped them focus their sales and marketing effort on actual research and marketing rather than keeping their paper work up to date about events and registration.

Tools and Technologies

Following were some of the tools and technologies used by the team App Maisters while developing this App:

Swift for IPad development

  • LINQ queries to bring data from Sql Server insides web services
  • Postmen to debug API issues
  • Sql Lite to maintain offline transactions

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