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PA Group (Premier Assurance Group) was initially founded with a mission to meet the health and disability insurance needs of global citizens in Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. At present, they have clients in over 195 countries and offer different solutions that range from medical coverage to investment and retirement funds.

App Objectives:

PA Group approached App Maisters team to develop a Mobile App that will allow global citizens to educate them about different products and services provided by PA Group and enable them to get quotes for them. These services was provided in 3 different languages.

They basically want to provide their users ability to compare and get quote for different health plan options. The app is intended for any person who is searching for comprehensive international medical coverage. If user is searching for a plan that protects the entire family, or coverage for an individual, user can select the plan option and deductible right on the app and get a quote.

Following were main objectives of App:

  • Develop an offline (IOS & Android) App that offers the ability to compare and quote different health plan options for their products and services.
  • Make the app available in three languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese) for their audience worldwide
  • Provide access to General Overview Information on the Premier Health and Premier Disability Plus plans and also provided details information on different options available in these plans.
  • Provide a Get a Quote feature which would takes users to an interactive form to fill out with their personal information in order to get health insurance quote.
  • The app was supposed to show relevant benefits and deductibles based on the calculations, algorithms and formulas that client has provided to App Maisters and provide detailed summary of the benefit.
  • Keep the app layout almost the same as their website for brand awareness.
  • The app should work in offline mode.


App Maisters experienced project managers started this project by setting up back to back meetings with stakeholders in order to get a better understanding of client business and services they provide. In order to ensure consistent messaging and branding, AM team set up several meetings to ensure that the app UI meets client standard and have similar look and feel as the client’s website which was a major concern for the client.

It took about 2 to 3 weeks to finalize the UI and then the team started working on the actual development. Our team has first created a database structure and then implement the backend logic against all the criteria provided by the clients for insurance quotes.

One of client major modules was the implementation of Get a Quote which was a tough challenge as the number of formulas were implemented at backend to generate the actual quote based on the country, age, number of children’s, packages and filters that user selects. For that our developers had multiple meetings with Premier Health team to understand the formulas being used at backend for calculation of benefits and deductibles. After having complete understanding and knowledge developers worked hard on the backend calculation and successfully implemented the logic as per the client’s requirement. In addition, AM team also provided a content rich app interface to display benefits/services data to their users.

At the end, team worked on the translation of English, Spanish, and Portuguese & successfully delivered single, fully tested and verified App for all these languages, compatible with Offline mode in both Android & IOS platform.

Challenges Faced By Our Team

Our team of Project Managers had to face the following challenges during the execution of the plan:

  • Designing simple and dynamic App interface.
  • Develop complete offline mode>
  • Localization of the app & Translation in three different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • and then implementing its logic & backend calculation was a tough challenge.
  • To understand client processes and methods of data calculation for deductibles.
  • Customization of PDF files in the format that can be easily viewed by the users.
  • Deliver the project on committed timelines.

The Outcome

The app helped PA group team to reach out to a new mobile armed audience & has already gained a considerable market for itself. It was well- received by its target audience and client acquired substantial increase in the business.

Tools and Technologies Employed

Following were some of the tools and technologies used by the team App Maisters while developing this App:

  • X-code & Android studio for App development.
  • SQLite for database
  • AF Networking.

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