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As more hydraulic fracturing wells come into operation, so does the stress on surface water and ground water supplies from the withdrawal of large volumes of H2O used in the process – needing up to one million gallons (almost 24,000 barrels) of fresh water per wellhead to complete the fracking process alone.  With diminishing sources for water and limitations on waste water disposal, oil companies must implement effective water manages strategies to stay in the game.

On this project we designed a comprehensive water management system based on Android mobile, with an integrated cloud based back-end.

App Objectives:

Diamond Oilfield Technologies, a Ohio based Technology and Water Management service Providers was looking for an App that would allow them to effectively manage their water management services that they provides to oil and gas companies like shell, Exxon and other fortune 500 companies.  Their main requirement was to be able to come up with an App that addresses their daily management of accounts, stakeholders and inventories that are being moved from oil rigs to disposal sites and allow them to keep track of them and the location of their trucks.  In addition, they were looking to address the automation of their regulatory compliance needed for this application.

Following important features were considered while developing this App:

  • Develop an android Application that helps our client keep track of the inventories being moved to Disposal sites.
  • App should dynamically changes in terms of functionality as per the user type. Based on the login credentials, the App would open up features for the relevant user, i.e. Generator, Truck Driver, and Disposal.
  • The App would need to allow companies (generator user) to submit payload pick up by selecting location and rest will be handled at backend.
  • Truck Drivers & Disposal sites of App users need to be able to see details of orders assigned to them and also permits them to update order status.
  • View Order history from the logs.
  • Tracking & Reporting for number of barrels of water dispose off at disposal site.
  • Allow admins to generate Invoice and tracking of the payments of the pay load.
  • A detailed CMS (Admin Panel) was required through which super admin (client) will forward the pickup requests to sub admins (companies). Companies further assigns the request to truck drivers and disposals via admin panel.
  • Allow Sub admin users (companies) to monitor all user activities and reporting from dispatching till the delivery.
  • Come up with a cost effective and scalable system such that thousands of users can be supported at once in the system.
  • Deliver the app within couple of months.


Considering the fact that the client wanted a comprehensive mobile application solution & CMS, Team App Maisters conducted brain storming & white boarding sessions to build the entire App that is user friendly for all the stakeholders i.e. generator, truck drivers, disposals and sync with each other at single platform.

App maisters project managers were able to engaged a team of android developers, BA, QA, Web developers and designers to developed the required features of this app within limited timelines.

Systematic approach was followed for evaluating the whole process & functionality of each module was executed as per the user type. Generator section was kept modest and simple so that users will find it easy to place request by just selecting the pickup location and rest will be taken care by the Admin. Admin assigns the requests to truck drivers /disposals and generator gets notified of each action & receives updates timely from admin as a notification.

Truck Drivers and disposal section was developed to display over all details of assigned orders so that users can view the details, drops the pickup at disposal sites and update the status in the App accordingly.

GPS Tracking and google App engine was also implemented after careful consideration. Detailed CMS (Admin Panel) was designed & developed though which admin can create/ manage/maintain user accounts & view logs for the order placement from dispatching till the disposal. The outcome was a pixel-perfect user interface and an enterprise app with robust backend that was able to engage all the stakeholders of this app.

Challenges Faced By Our Team

Team App Maisters analyzed the project requirements and faced following challenges during the development:

  • Client was using excel sheets and doing lot of manual work to generate payload requests from oil and gas companies and spending lot of time tracking inventory and tracking truck location from oil rigs to disposal sites. Taking all that information from client sheets and brain storming with client to come up with a detailed and viable solution for managing and tracking of water barrels was one of the most challenging aspect of this app. .
  • Understanding client needs and mapping out their requirements into a user friendly, simple and easy App interface for generator/truck drivers/disposals users.
  • Working with regulatory Compliance Guidelines that require them to submit the numbers of barrels that were being moved out to disposal sites and provide reporting on them.
  • Finding an auto Scalable and Reliable solution that fits client budget. Our team have selected Google cloud app engine over amazon and azure services.
  • Setting up Real time tracking of inventory and trucking location.
  • Mapping our client’s requirements into a detailed Admin Panel as a supervision /monitoring tool with comprehensive features of tracking, monitoring, assigning orders & log details.
  • Complete the project within client provided timelines.

The Outcome

The client was extremely satisfied with all-round enterprise mobile application solution. Some of the high-points of our successful collaboration includes:

  • A refined and user-friendly mobile app interface ensured that anyone, including the generator, truck drivers & disposal could use the application without any hassle.
  • Most users do not have an access to laptops/desktops in the field, to cater that, this App provides them a platform through which they can update the statuses of their order, inventory and trucking location.
  • Client was pleased to see his idea into reality.

Tools and Technologies Employed

Following were some of the tools and technologies used by the team App Maisters while developing this App:

  • Android Studio for development
  • Git for managing application
  • Codeigniter framework and Google Cloud for development of Backend
  • Google Cloud App Engine for scalability
  • Map Kit & GCM for Google map integration.

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